I exclusively treat small animals (cats and dogs). I am currently licensed in Florida, and am USDA APHIS accredited for small animals, and carry my own DEA license. I am familiar with many electronic software programs, and adapt to new ones very quickly. I have a professional working proficiency in Spanish.

My special interests in veterinary medicine include behavior, Fear Free and Low Stress Handling techniques, and feline medicine. I am currently Fear Free Level 3 Certified, and working on a Low Stress Handling certification, to be completed this year. I worked at a Feline Friendly certified practice for one year, which is where I developed my passion for providing a low stress experience for my patients. I saw what a positive difference could be made in both the patient’s and client’s experience through the use of simple solutions like pheromones, low levels of restraint, toweling techniques, and treats during exams. As a result, I am frequently told by technicians and owners that I have a very “special way” with cats in particular. For more information on Fear Free practice, see www.fearfreepets.com.

I do not routinely perform surgeries or dental procedures at this time. I also do not take radiographs as I do not have a dosimeter badge, and abide by the laws regarding radiation exposure. I do not have ultrasound experience.

For more information on rates, cancellation fees, and other general questions please contact me by e-mail. To request a date for work, see the calendar tab.

For us to be mutually successful working together, the clinic owner will provide adequate staff to answer the phones, load exam rooms, make estimates, and assist me in running bloodwork, placing IV catheters, taking radiographs, etc.  Please make sure to pair me with support staff that have worked at the hospital long enough to know where everything is located, what charges are under and the names of the commonly run blood panels, and the hospital SOPs.